About Us

Author Cats launched in 2017 (founded in 2016 as NBD, LLC – which you’ll love how clever this is, stands for “Nick”, “Brad”, “David”) for our three founders – Nick Stephenson, Brad Hogan and David Garland.

Brad and David teamed up to create a business in 2015 for entrepreneurs who wanted to sell online courses called Course Cats.

Nick Stephenson just so happened to be a customer of that product and created his own course website to teach authors to profit from selling and promoting their books online.  Nick also just so happens to be a writer himself!

Nick had a TON of success with his course (Your First 10,000 Readers) and when his customers (authors) came to him and asked him “hey Nick, who made your website, I love it”, he realized there was a huge opportunity.

In general, the author templates on the market – especially at that time – were not great.

Nick came to David and Brad with an idea to basically create a very similar business as their Course Cats product, but with design and functionality specifically tailored to authors.

They all agreed the idea was amazing and quickly formed the company in 2016.  Brad dove into design and development and the product had its first beta launch in 2017 and had a ton of success.

Since the initial launch, Author Cats has become a preferred option for authors who want to promote their email list, grow their audience and sell their books.