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Authorcats has completely supercharged my online presence. Customizing the pre-made templates was as easy as uploading my own graphics, tweaking the color palette, and then sitting back being delighted with the outcome. I love the books section—so easy to add your latest work, and have it immediately integrate with the existing layout.


Libby Kirsch, an ex News Anchor, used Authorcats to help fuel downloads of her mystery series to over 175,000 downloads

With a conversion-optimised homepage and killer color template, Libby was able to match the tone of her books and create a seamless experience for her readers – all the way from their first visit to their first purchase and beyond.

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Authorcats has completely supercharged my online presence...

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Pauline writes in 10 different genres, over 37 novels in total, and transferred her entire catalogue over to Authorcats

She also moved over 1,000 blog posts from her old site and now everything is set up under one consistent brand, optimised for collecting email addresses and directing readers to her sales pages on Amazon and the other ebook stores.

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I LOVE it! Once your guys helped me get set up on a new server, it just took a few days to set everything up - even with all my content (images and 1k blog posts). I'm so glad I was an early bird on this one!

... it just took a few days to set everything up

My author website was woefully out-of-date, and I put off updating it for months because I knew what a headache it would be to make it look exactly like I wanted. Then, along came Authorcats. Before long, I had a gorgeous new website up and running - not to mention reliably converting visitors into mailing list subscribers.


Scott was fed up with the headaches of building his own site from scratch, and turned to Authorcats to provide him with a beautiful, effortless design that matched the tone of his books

Scott was able to feature a free book as a Reader Magnet on his home page, and offer recommendations to his readers to introduce them to the rest of his series. All without having to mess around with complicated code or duct-taping together a dozen different plugins and software.

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... reliably converting visitors into mailing list subscribers


Patricia isn’t a website designer or tech expert, but with our hands-on concierge support, we helped get Patricia’s site up and running (and looking great) – leading to a significant boost to her results.

Patricia was able to import all her existing books and blog content into our conversion-optimized theme, hook up her email marketing provider, create her ebook-delivery page, and install advertising tracking code – all without any experience of setting up websites. Thanks to our hand-on support, our concierge team was able to help her when she needed – all part of the service.

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My old website was an ugly mess and I had never fully understood how to do anything on it. I also have a mysterious superpower: any time I do anything on IT, I get it wrong. However, the support team at Authorcats was patient, thorough and persistent - and in the first month, my email list sign ups increased by 10 TIMES! The design is really clean and attractive and the theme is specifically made for authors. Plus, the Authorcats team will do it all for you if you need them to.

... my email list sign ups increased by 10 TIMES!

Building a gorgeous, functional website doesn’t need to be so complicated

If at any point you get stuck, our support team will be there to help.  It might seem like a novel concept, but we actually want you to succeed!

Authorcats has been really great. The guide has been invaluable and the demo sites were useful to use as a template. It took about a week on and off to get set up. I contacted support for help to set up a staging site, which was fantastic. Otherwise the guide covered everything I needed.

It's awesome! Really slick design, and no need for plugins to get all of those neat landing page features to subscribe people to my mailing lists!

I had a website I loved, but thought I would give Authorcats a try. And... I love it! I am a less-is-more kind of girl, and this site is perfect for me. Everything is so neat and tidy. Purchasing it was the best decision I have made. EVER! Ok. Maybe not ever. There was that time I decided to invent the wheel.

Once I was up and running it has been very easy to work my way through the videos and set up. It is very user friendly and easy to implement. I love my website which is hugely better than what I had originally.

It's fantastic. Support has been awesome. It took maybe 20 hours to get everything set up.

It's great. Saved a lot of time and artistic resources that I don't have. The biggest value for me are the absolutely stunning landing pages and the overall design of the theme.