Create an amazing author website that turns visitors into subscribers, paying fans, and lifelong readers.

One platform – everything you need. Oh, and you won’t need a designer, web developer, a psychiatrist, or a team of 1,000 nerds!

Author Cats is the only online website and platform management tool authors need to grow their audience and start selling more books. Forget expensive web designers. Forget lumping together a bunch of third-party products that don’t work properly together. Forget the stress. We’ve got you covered with everything you need.

Nick Stephenson, co-founder of Author Cats, CEO of Your First 10,000 Readers

So, What is Author Cats?

As authors, it’s our job to ask ourselves ‘What if?’. After years of developing online strategies for selling and marketing books, and after helping tens of thousands of authors grow their careers, that question became, “What if there were one online platform that could handle all your book marketing and audience growth needs in one place?”

And believe me – I wasn’t the only one asking that question…

The single biggest roadblock I hear from authors is, “I can’t make the technology work.”

The single biggest roadblock I hear from authors is, “I can’t make the technology work.”

Technology should never be a barrier.

But, until now, the reality was you were stuck using software that hadn’t been designed from the ground up to suit what authors really need – namely, an online platform focused on your books, your brand, and dedicated to growing an audience of readers and paying fans.

And so that “What if?” question became an obsession…

  • What if you no longer had to duct-tape together a dozen different pieces of software to create something that’s just going to break all the time (or not look or function the way you want it to)?
  • What if you could create a beautiful website, without needing an expensive designer or years of training?
  • What if you could get set up from scratch to a full online marketing platform in 24 hours?
  • What if you could make the whole “growing your audience and selling your books” thing easy – with software that’s designed just for you?

That question stuck with me. And so, Author Cats was born.

Author Cats is a fully integrated online website and marketing suite for authors – which includes:
  1. A beautiful, mobile responsive website theme that’s designed to showcase your books and your brand to your readers
  2. Built-in Landing Page creator, allowing you to create high-converting opt-in pages to grow your email list and your audience
  3. Fully stocked Joint Promo functionality – letting you team up with other authors to grow your sales and create amazing promo pages with just a few clicks
  4. Book delivery built in – want to offer free books or even sell direct from your own site? We built in features that will deliver book files to your readers and guide them through the process to load them onto any device
  5. Upsells – grab extra sales when someone joins your mailing list by offering them a limited-time deal (using our included Upsell template)
  6. Live Events – doing a book signing? Going on tour? Use our simple template to tell readers about your upcoming appearances and how they can come see you in person
  7. Tracking and Analytics – integrate with any of your favorite advertising options and embed tracking code quickly and easily into your website
  8. Templates – install one of our “good to go” website templates – available for a variety of genres – and be ready to rock almost instantly
  9. Integration – hook up Author Cats to your email marketing solution of choice.
  10. We support pretty much anything – no crazy API coding or techno-tomfoolery required.
  11. Easy to Install – simply upload our software package into a WordPress install on your own domain (or set up a new one) and you’ll be ready instantly.
  12. Full support – we provide hours of video training and unlimited email support to make sure you get set up the way YOU want, as quickly as possible (often in less than 24 hours).
  13. GDPR and Data Privacy Compliance – easily add an optional checkbox to your opt-in forms to collect proof of consent to receive marketing emails and store the records inside your email provider.

Play with some demos.

We put together a few demo sites for your clicking enjoyment.  Click around and see for yourself just how amazing (and functional) your site can be.

Why did we create Author Cats?

Let’s just say… we took one look at the options available to authors and knew we could do better.

And after years of teaching authors how to use technology to grow their exposure, I was getting frustrated (that’s a mild way of putting it…)

You see, there are hundreds of options out there for creating an online platform – but not a single one of them is designed for authors.

And after years of teaching tens of thousands of authors how to grow their exposure and businesses online, I knew the perfect solution needed to:

  • Provide a beautiful, responsive website with a professional look and feel
    Integrate with all the major email marketing tools without needing a degree in computer coding
  • Support essential marketing strategies like landing pages, free book delivery, giveaways, joint promotions, facebook ads, and google ads right out of the box
  • Be super easy to set up, and look like you hired a six-figure designer – without the price tag
  • Be able to get you up and running and growing your business in as little as 24 hours

After years of research, testing out different solutions, and generally beating my head against my desk, I realized that such a product didn’t exist.

So I decided to build one.

We chose WordPress as our solution of choice – meaning you can install Author Cats and be up and running in 5 minutes on a domain you already own, or a brand-new one.

And, because Author Cats is a fully stocked marketing suite, you won’t need any extra plugins or third-party add-ons to start seeing results (it’s all included).

Before Author Cats existed, you had three not-so-great options…

1. Third-party platforms and plugins:

  • Often super expensive (and the more customers you have the more expensive it gets…yikes)
  • Inflexible
  • Poor design (unless you have a degree in web design or want to spend weeks playing around with ugly templates)
  • Lack of integrations (hard to work with other pieces of software you are using)

2. Cheap-O or Free WordPress templates

  • Many require you to be an expert designer or programmer otherwise the site will look absolutely terrible (and awful instructions).
  • Many are impossible to integrate things like your email marketing software, analytics, book delivery, and ways to protect your content.
  • Most are absolutely brutal to navigate. Meaning, they aren’t user friendly…and, quite frankly look terrible.

3. Designer & developer create an author website for you from scratch

  • Huge fees well over $3,000+ (and well-earned as it takes work but huge)
  • Long lead times…weeks, months, many months. Ain’t nobody have time for that (and lord forbid you want to change anything…the waiting continues!)
  • Ongoing fees (want to change the color to purple? Add a page? Bling bling.)

What ends up happening?

You either spend an arm and a leg on a designer and developer… and lord knows how long that will take to get done (and what about future changes? You will have to pay for those as well).


You hack together your own WordPress theme, try integrating all kinds of stuff, try to make it look non-crappy… and then get frustrated and give up.


You go for a selection of third-party plugins and platforms but end up paying through the roof (and have zero flexibility).


So, with that in mind, the Author Cats team has created something different. Something designed just for you and your books (and readers).

Once you’ve installed our platform on your site, you’ll be up and running with a million-dollar site in as little as 24 hours. With all the functionality and integrations you need to grow your author career.

Meaning… something that…

Looks Beautiful. A responsive design that looks great and allows you to add your own copy, photography and colors to give it a personalized feel without needing to know anything about web design or development.

Designed specifically for authors, which includes customizable book pages, landing pages, book delivery pages, joint promo pages, blogs, live events, and a custom design for your home page to help you stand out from the crowd (and look awesome doing it).

You Can Do-It-Yourself (without being a programmer for Google). A step-by-step guide (complete with videos) that walk you through EXACTLY how to use the responsive theme, add your website pages, and integrate with your email marketing service so you can start growing your audience right from the start.

Easy To Navigate (for both you and your visitors). Put away the compass and no need to hire the ghost of Magellan. Author Cats is designed to make it super simple for readers to access your books and join your mailing list with zero hassle (for you or them). We’ve designed this so the back-end is super easy to add your books and other assets and the front-end is just as simple for your readers to navigate.

Has full support (from real humans). Ever buy some software and feel completely stuck, only to realize that you’ve got nobody to speak to about it? Yeah, so have I. So we made sure Author Cats comes with unlimited support as standard (in addition to hours of in-depth video training showing you how to set everything up).

And that’s exactly what Author Cats is. Think of it as an amazing, customizable author website in a box for WordPress.

AuthorCats has completely supercharged my online presence. Customizing the pre-made templates was as easy as uploading my own graphics, tweaking the color palette, and then sitting back being delighted with the outcome. I love the books section—so easy to add your latest work, and have it immediately integrate with the existing layout. The best part is is looks so PRO. I no longer feel like I tinkered around with a website—it looks truly professional. I am one very happy customer!

Libby Kirsch, Mystery Author & Emmy Award Winning Journalist

What can I do with it?

Custom Landing Pages

Offer a free book or chapter to get readers on to your mailing list. After analyzing hundreds of thousands of visitors, we’ve designed our landing page templates to get you the highest conversion possible.

Showcase Your Books

Instead of resorting to clunky plugins or manual HTML coding, simply upload your book covers and blurbs into our template and we’ll create a gorgeous book page for you to show off your work (complete with links to buy them, of course!)

Free Book Delivery

When someone signs up to your mailing list, you want to deliver their freebie, right? Well, getting a .mobi or .epub file onto a reader’s device ain’t so simple… so we’ve created an interactive book delivery template that guides your readers through the process – no matter what device they read on. Oh, and you won’t need any third-party storage solution either… you can store your books right inside your own site.

High Impact Home Pages

When a reader visits your website, you want them to take action. Whether that’s buying a copy of your latest book, or signing up to your email list, we’ve got you covered. Use our powerful home page templates to create beautiful designs that look like you hired a six-figure designer.

Run Joint Promos

We’ve made it easy to team up with other authors to grow your audience and sales. Instead of having to create Joint Promo pages from scratch (or use a paid service) our templates will generate these pages for you in just a few clicks

Live Events

Let readers know when you’re doing a book signing or going on tour. Simply enter a few details and Author Cats will do all the work for you – helping you reach more readers and give them the “personal touch”.

And of course, there’s more…

You also get a drop-dead gorgeous blog, about page, and access to hours of in-depth video training (and live support) to help you get set up the way YOU want, as quickly as possible – often in less than 24 hours.

Is this for me?

If you answer YES to any of these examples below, then this is absolutely for you.

  • The Indie Author. Yes, I know. It’s a “captain obvious” moment… but if you’re serious about growing your author career and exposure, Author Cats has everything you need to create your online platform right out of the box. All you need to do is hook it up to an email marketing service and you’re good to go.
  • The Traditionally Published Author. Guess what? Same deal. You can sell your books straight from your website, grow your email list, and have a ball doing it – just like the Indies.
  • The [I Write in X Genre] Author. Don’t fret… Author Cats is NOT genre specific. Seriously. Use it for anything. Check out some of our demo sites for examples.
  • The Technophobe Author. Hate spending time with new or confusing tech? No problemo. Simply install the Author Cats software into your website, install one of our templates (we have several genres to choose from), change a few images, tweak a bit of copy, and you’re ready to rock. Oh, and you get 24/7 live support and hours of video training to help you along the way.
  • The Do-It-Yourselfer. Like to have full control over everything? No problem. Skip the templates and design your website and platform from scratch (our design possibilities are practically endless). We’ll help you if you get stuck!

My author website was woefully out-of-date, and I put off updating it for months because I knew what a headache it would be to make it look exactly like I wanted. Then, along came Author Cats. Before long, I had a gorgeous new website up and running - not to mention reliably converting visitors into mailing list subscribers.

Scott Bartlett, Full-Time Sci-Fi Author

What’s Next?

If you’re fed up with confusing technology, hacking together a bunch of third-party solutions (that don’t work) or if you just want to have the best looking and highest converting website out there, 14 day free trial of Author Cats.

Once you’ve registered, we’ll send you a unique login link to access your video training, live support, and (of course) your software package.

We’ll walk you through installing Author Cats into WordPress and adding your content (that goes for all of the template options from customizing your homepage to creating your landing pages and book download pages).


How is Author Cats different from other website software?

Author Cats is much more than “just a website theme”. We’ve put the emphasis on giving you a gorgeous website design – that looks stunning right out of the box – plus all the functionality and features you need to get more readers signed up to your email list, deliver your books, and make more sales. Author Cats is a fully integrated online marketing platform for authors – and it’s built right in to WordPress, meaning you have the flexibility and control you need to make your online presence as unique as you are. Oh, and you can be up and running within 24 hours – so no messing around with complicated settings, HTML code, or API tomfoolery (we’ve made it simple).

What does Author Cats include when I sign up?

As soon as you’re signed up, you’ll get instant access to your software download, license key, and detailed video training showing you exactly what you need to do to get set up. Once you’ve installed the Author Cats software onto your WordPress site, you’ll get access to our built in author website template, customizable landing pages, upsell pages, thank-you pages, book showcase pages, joint promotion pages, book delivery pages, events pages, and everything else you need (like your blog, about page, privacy policy, and more). All these features are built right in to the software, so there’s no need to install anything else. We’ve also included 3 demos you can install to speed up the process (and tweak to your heart’s content). You can check out our demos right here.

Do I need to install other “stuff” to make it work?

Nope. You won’t need any other plugins, add-ons, third-party apps, custom snippets, or any other nonsense. All you need is Author Cats and an email marketing provider (like Mailchimp, Aweber, Mailerlite, etc – we’re compatible with all of them). Of course, if you do decide you want to add other “stuff”, Author Cats will work with pretty much everything.

How quickly can I set up my new Author Cats site?

If you’re familiar with WordPress, we’ve seen authors set up their sites in as little as 24 hours (even faster if you decide to use one of our pre-built templates). If you’re more of a technophobe, don’t worry – we’ve put together 2+ hours of video training to help you get set up as quickly as possible – and our support team is on standby to help you every step of the way.

Can I transfer my existing site over to Author Cats?

Yes! If your existing site is built on WordPress and you want to move to a new domain, then it only takes about 10 minutes to transfer all your data across – and you’ll keep all your blog comments, posts, pages, and other assets. If your existing site is on a different platform, our support team can help you. If you’d like to install your Author Cats site onto an existing domain, we can help you build a “staging site” (so you don’t have any down-time while you upgrade) and you can set everything up at your own pace and switch your site over when you’re ready.

What do I need to install this and get started?

All you need to get started is a self-hosted domain with WordPress installed. You can either use an existing site you own and install Author Cats over the top of your existing theme, or create a new website domain (and we can help you transfer your existing site over, if you need).

How unique will my site be? Can I customize the look and feel?

We’ve designed Author Cats to be as unique as you are. We’ve made it easy to customize the layout and style of all your pages, and you have full control over colors, images, structure, and even fonts (we have several pre-installed fonts to choose from and you can even upload your own). We want your Author Cats site to stand out from the crowd!

Will I get help and support getting everything set up?

Yes! We’ve included 2+ hours of detailed video training and resources to help you get set up fast and our support team is standing by to help you in the (unlikely) event you get stuck. We can even help you migrate your existing site over to a new domain, or create a “staging site” so you don’t experience any downtime. Just get in touch and one of our trained support members will walk you through it.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes! We give you a 14 day free trial with full access to the software – so you can try it out to your heart’s content without being charged a penny. If you decide to continue using Author Cats after 14 days, we will charge your card automatically so you don’t need to do anything. If you would like to cancel your future renewals, or if you would prefer not to continue after your free trial period, just let us know before your next billing date and we will cancel your future payments, no problem.