GDPR & Data Protection

When you’re growing your email list online, there are a few data protection laws you need to take into consideration – one of the biggest being the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which applies to anyone who wants to send marketing emails to people living in the EU.

A big part of this is making sure you have a proper record of consent from your readers – meaning, they have actively consented to you sending them marketing emails.

There’s a bunch of other points to bear in mind too, and to break it all down here are some useful resources:

Watch the 60 minute “GDPR for Authors” workshop with Nick Stephenson and lawyer Suzanne Dibble here

Download the audio (MP3) version here

Download the slides + answer summaries here (PDF)

Join the free GDPR for Online Entrepreneurs Facebook Group with Suzanne Dibble right here

Need a privacy policy? Here’s a free policy generator (German site, but English options)

Remember – we can’t give you legal advice on implementing data protection law, so if you’re ever in doubt, speak to a legal professional.