Did your site recently “break”?

Deactivate plugins one-by-one

If your plugins were recently updated, there’s a strong possibility that one of the plugins is causing some sort of conflict that broke your site.  To test this theory, go to Plugins in the back-end of your site and click “deactivate” – make sure to only deactivate the plugins one-by-one so you can try to narrow down the culprit.  So, deactivate one plugin, then go to the page(s) where you previously noticed issues and see if the issue(s) are still present.  If so, move on to the next plugin and deactivate, etc.  Often times you’ll notice that by deactivating one particular plugin, the problem goes away.  If that’s the case, you’ll need to reach out to the plugin support team to notify them that their plugin – when active – breaks your site.

Try the default WordPress theme

It’s possible (but unlikely) that the Authorcats theme is causing the issue.  To rule this out, go to Appearance > Themes > activate the most recent default WordPress theme in your theme directory (the default WordPress themes all have the year spelled out – for example: “Twenty Nineteen” is the most recent default theme).  Click to activate the default WordPress theme and then click to the page(s) that were having issues.  If the error is still present on the page, then it’s not an issue with the Authorcats theme and you can go back to Appearance > Themes and re-activate the Authorcats theme.

Authorcats license issues

In some cases, you might notice a red banner at the top of your site letting you know you need to activate your license.  This can happen if you’ve recently updated your domain name or switched sites.  Generally this can be fixed by going to Appearance > Theme License > click deactivate > save > then re-enter your license key > click activate > save.

Contact support

If all else fails, please let us know how we can help.  To help speed up the support process, please tell us exactly what steps to take and then what you are seeing after taking those steps vs. what you expected to see.  Thank you.